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Mahar Shaloodeh co. 
Geotechnical Consultant and Construction




  About us :

Mahar Shaloodeh company now in the second decade of its activities, with the aim to meet the needs of a growing civil engineering company and taking advantages of various experiences, has been developed in different areas of geotechnical expertise.
The company has been specialized in implementation of bridges, tunnels, concrete structures, heavy steel structures and as well geotechnical areas as follows:
  • Implementation of all types of piles
  • Trenching and piling
  • Stabilizing of the excavation walls even lower than water level
  • Underground structures
  • Soil improvement
  • Beach-building
  • Geotechnical strengthening of existing structures
  • Implementation of the guard walls of reinforced soil
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Sealing of the dams and cavities and environmental protection
, that has been the effective contribution result of the company in the civil engineering and construction industry.

In this regard, the use of modern software and hardware facilities is also one of the company’s goals and enabled us to connect to the major civil engineering groups in the world and get their attention regarding the acquisition and establishment of technical and operational representative in Iran. Some of these companies have been mentioned in the following:

  • Incofil, in the field of protection against rocks, avalanches and flood deposits falling
  • Bruce, heavy hammer of piling
  • KIF, design and implementation of the trenching operations
  • STA, manufacturing of  jet grouting and vibrofloatation machines and equipment
  • Tecopsa, manufacturing of the hydraulic piling equipment, mechanical grabs regarding the diaphragm walls, telescopic arms and casing equipment and service supplying
  • Tysim, manufacturing of hydraulic piling rigs and pile breakers, telescopic arms, mechanical grabs regarding the diaphragm walls and casing equipment



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