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Mahar Shaloodeh co. 
Geotechnical Consultant and Construction


  شناسایی خاک

روش های مختلف شناسایی خاک امکان شناخت به خصوصیات لا یه های مختلف خاک در نتیجه تعریف دقیق تر شرایط احداث پی ابنیه را می دهد .


  Project Name: Helal Ozgol 

Project Name: Helal Ozgol

Project Name: Helal Ozgol
Status: In Progress
Scope: Excavation & Stabilization
Client: Helal Iranian Construction Company
Location: Iran, Tehran, Ozgol, Parvin Alley
Executed Activities: Excavation and Stabilization of 4 cavities thorough the nailing method in an area of 13,000 square meters
Cavity Depth: 15 m
Total Stabilization Area: more than 9000 m2

Methode of Stabilization:
Self Drilling Bars
Welded Wire Mesh and Shotcrete
Nailing and Anchorage
Monitoring by Survey method



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